Lemon Biscotti Cupcake Bath Bomb

Lemon Biscotti Cupcake Bath Bomb

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Our bath bombs are handmade and loaded with organic coconut oil for soft, smooth skin.  Our bath bombs fizz like crazy are perfect for sore muscles, or just to relax.   Drop one into a warm bath and enjoy your “me” time.

Topped with a fizzing bath melt "frosting", a soap embed, and some sprinkles to make it even prettier! Our frosting is SUGAR FREE  -  that means we use no sugar whatsoever!  it is LOADED with cocoa butter to soften your skin! 

Weighing approximately 6 oz.  Each one is shrink-wrapped and ready for either gift-giving or for you to enjoy yourself.

Simply remove wrapper and drop into your tub...relax and enjoy!


*please note that they are seriously loaded with cocoa butter and may make your tub slippery.  Be very careful and make sure to wipe down you tub good when done *