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Handmade vs Big-Box Stores: Why Choose Handmade?

When it comes time to buy something for yourself, your friends, your family, or for the holidays, it’s too convenient to go to a local big-box store, or to shop online at places such as Amazon or Target.  However, did you know that, most likely, you will find what you’re looking for (or close to it!) that is handmade by someone who put a lot of heart and soul into making that product?  Not machines making hundreds at a time.  A human…an artist…who used their two hands to create something wonderful. With a slew of places to buy handmade – you have access to thousands upon thousands of items that are just waiting to be enjoyed by someone who appreciates...

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Bath Bombs: What the heck is it and why do I want it?

Sometimes in life, all you really want is a few minutes of alone time… a bath with a bath bomb is the perfect escape! Why?  Well...there are many reasons, but let’s break it down to the few basic ones…   Because you want to relax...and other good benefits.  Simple as that. When you are in a warm bath, your body responds by sending blood to your skin’s surface (and you lower your blood pressure!).  This helps de-stress! Because the two main ingredients in a bath bomb are baking soda and citric acid, they are the reason you see all that awesome fizzing.  Now we add in moisturizing coconut oil (organic, no less!). You will not only enjoy relaxation, you will...

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